We supply and install commercial biomass boilers for the agricultural, horticultural, poultry and industrial business sectors. We are experienced in undertaking the full turnkey project from start to finish including district heating if required. This includes full technical support and follow up servicing. We can also quote for containerised and modular plant rooms or steel frame buildings.

Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd are fully qualified to install a range of boilers bespoke to the customer. These include Justsen, KSM, ETA, Herz, Nolting, Unicomfort Reka Polytechnik, Binder and Hargassner.

What is

Biomass is a fuel which has been developed from organic material. It is a renewable and sustainable source of energy that is used to create heat and power.

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Biomass Boilers, depending on the make, can be used to burn a wide range of fuels including wood pellets, dry virgin wood chips, recycled wood chip, saw dust and straw.

Ideal where these biomass items are produced as bi-products as the waste can easily be recycled to produce heat energy.

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The installation of a biomass boiler greatly reduces your outgoing energy bills as well as reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

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"Cheviot Heat and Power helped us build our automated straw burning system showing flexibility, dedication and professionalism."

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Our Most Popular Biomass Boiler Range

The Justsen biomass boiler is the most robust on the British market today. This boiler ranges from 500kw up to the 30Mw are RHI compliant, burning wood chip, wood pellet, waste wood and straw to suit all applications.

The KSM is a powerful boiler, the professional range for industry and agriculture. Installed bespoke to the individual client's needs. The full range starts from 50kw and goes up to 1MW with the option of burning straw, pellets and wood chips up to 45% moisture. This is the boiler if your heating requirements are for example:- grain drying, heating water systems for milking parlours, workshops and heating the farmhouse and/or cottages using a district heating system.

The ETA HACK ranges from 20kw to 350kw so there will always be a boiler system suited for your needs. The ETA boiler can burn both wood pellet and virgin dry wood chip to maximum 30% moisture.

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